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21 Weeks - 21 Chances to Grow


September 12, 2017

I'm happy you took the time out to join me on this 21 week journey! Essentially I realized how much idle time passes by when I'm focused on perfecting the craft.  Month after month passes where I'm not releasing any work for my supporters to engage in and listen to.  I then decided to push myself and create new content week after week to share with the public.  This will inspire and push me to be comfortable with change, finally remain consistent and hopefully give many people some music to relate to!

While writing this free verse over No Complaints by Metro Boomin, Offset and Drake it dawned on me that a huge makeover was coming for how I wanted to share my music.  I decided to stop focusing on how many views, followers and exposure I'm gaining and do what I love best.  That is writing some sonic yet lyrical fire and mixing dope ass tracks.  This track was influenced by the need to find the essence through music in which originally made me fall in love.

Listen to the first week of my campaign below.  (Lyrics available in description of SoundCloud link)

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