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21 Weeks - 21 Chances to Grow

WEEK 11: Paramedic (MitchmiX)

March 6, 2018

Week 11’s release was inspired by gratitude and appreciation.  This feeling came at the best possible time it could come, while celebrating my birthday. (March 6th)  Reaching what is pretty much the halfway point of my 21 weeks – 21 chances to grow challenge, I can honestly say I am happy.  Through trials and tribulations of dealing with the unexplained and self-doubt, I can now say that I feel confident and prideful. 


The highs and lows of battling joy and depression has lessened and I am finally seeing my own growth.  It means so much to see my own progress rather than hear others speak on what they observe and so far 2018 has shown me everything I doubted.  In addition to feeling and seeing my own evolution, my family and closest loved ones are showing me all the love and gratitude I could ever wish for.  At this time of life this was huge for me.  At points I realized I am very independent and rarely allow others in to provide help or assist with me finding solutions to my problems.  I have been more welcoming as of lately and it has provided more clarity in my life.

It is now scary to know how motivated I am.  I have re-awakened the love for the art of music as an artist and an engineer.  In addition to music, I can now see how blessed I am to have the talents I was given as well as the people around that a higher being and the universe has placed in my life.  I am more than ready to push myself to the highest points that I used to be afraid to reach.  I finally once again can say that I am my biggest fan and that everything is working out in my favor.

Watch and see what is next.

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