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21 Weeks - 21 Chances to Grow

WEEK 12: New Music (Official Video)

March 27, 2018

For week 12, I don’t even know where to begin.  Through years of ups and downs/ challenges with music, I finally feel like I’m in a space where I’m the best I’ve ever been.  People always told me that they support my music, vision and growth but my expectations of self are so high I couldn’t relate.  This led to me going on a two year hiatus with any serious music. 

I now feel rejuvenated and better than ever.   The intro line to this visual “New music is dropping I’m feigning”, sheds light to my new found love for the art again.  I took the 2 years to perfect my craft as an artist and engineer, raise revenue to finance my studio and allow my emotional transitions throughout life reflect through the music.

A vital component to this growth and confidence has been my relationships with my closest loved ones and specifically artists Live Bradshaw and Bi$hop.  Through constant motivational pushes as well as mental and spiritual growth, I now know I’m ready to face any obstacle and show the world my next stage with the music.  Major shout-out to Bi$hop as well for filming and directing the visuals. 

On that note I’m proud to announce my next two music projects will be the following:


Cruel Casanovas w/ Devy Day: Debuts April 2018


Forever grateful: Debuts May 2018

The break is over and I’m more ready than I ever been!

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