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September 19, 2017

I’ve noticed this last year that God purposely places people in your life for a reason.  I met Devy Day about 3-4 years back when I first graduated with my Bachelor’s degree.  He came through to scope out my home studio to possibly find a place to record while out here in Albany.  Already polished with an amazing voice and great understanding of music, I was aww-ed by his sound and I wasn’t ready as an engineer to record him to the standards of the professional studio he came from.  This experience opened my eyes that I needed to improve.

Fast forward 3 years later and now we have a full collaborative music project.  We were able to combine knowledge of music that expanded since first meeting each other, lyricism, smooth r & b vocals, word play and a unique chemistry that helped us create some serious heat.  Check out our current releases up to date below

  1. Questions (Visual) – Cruel Casanovas

  2. Anybody (1st single) – Cruel Casanovas

  3. Confessions/ Dog Ass N*ggas (2nd single) – Cruel Casanovas

Working to improve as individual artists , creating this project was a breath of fresh air.  It also showed me how much I have grown over time as an audio engineer.  It helped me regain my confidence back with music and I will always be grateful to have met Dev and have him push me.  I formed a brotherhood and bond that won’t be broken and we cannot wait to drop this entire body of work.  Lastly, it was destiny for us to make some magic.  He even got the same bloodline (being a Mitchell as well), we probably low key cousins and don’t even know lol

Peep our third single “Gang Gang!” off Cruel Casanovas here:

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