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21 Weeks - 21 Chances To Grow


September 26, 2017

3 weeks strong and we still going! The motivation behind this track was easily my brothers.  Born an only child my closest friends, my little cousin and I have grown to form a brotherhood.  We have become inseparable and I appreciate them because they were always there as crutches in my life.  I feel like its my unwritten destiny to change our lives for the better and make sure that we achieve our wildest dreams.  The last couple of months I have been faced with several obstacles yet there hasn't been one that I had to overcome on my own without them.  

I decided to use this inspiration to vent and clear my mind.  Pure lyricism, not many effects on this beat over this classic by The Firm.  Lastly shoutout to all my brothers man, I would never be where I am physically and mentally without ya'll...

Track and lyrics provided below: 

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