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21 Weeks - 21 Chances to Grow

Lenox & Malcolm X


October 12, 2017

"When momma asks me how I'm living.  Always tell her that I'm good... Aroma boomin' in the kitchen.  This V6 under hood."

The last four years of my life have been a magical blur.  I have been blessed to meet great people, re-connect with some of the most important influences in my life, travel the world and expand through my music.  Finally having an idea of what being financially stable feels like, all I do is give thanks for the drastic changes in my life.

My acknowledgment and fortune for these changes inspired my next solo project titled "Forever Grateful".  I will forever be grateful for my trials, tribulations and blessings that I've experienced.  I also appreciate my environment (Harlem) for being the foundation of my experiences and growth.   Throughout the project I speak on my highs, lows and become transparent with my listeners about what goes on in my life and mind.  I cannot complain much about materialistic things in life when I know what having "nothing" feels like.  Starting from a humble beginning like that makes me appreciate every blessing and motivates me to accomplish more daily.

Therefore, when my mother me asks me how's everything going, I tell her that I'm good.  I have food to eat in the kitchen, not many complaints and material objects such as a luxury car I thought I could only dream of.  Check out Aroma Boomin' off of "Forever Grateful" below:

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