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21 Weeks - 21 Chances to Grow



October 26, 2017

Creating this video was one of the most humbling moments in my life.  None of the rappers in this video are actual aspiring artists aside from myself.  They are siblings and family members of my mentor/ big brother figure Saleh.  The final product stemmed from the desire to make a song and music video for something they were working on for fun.

Our company Limitless Imprint Entertainment recorded the visuals as well as mixed and mastered the audio for this track.  It's amazing to see our growth and how we can serve as a one stop shop for digital needs.  We can create cover art for music projects, mix, record and master songs, host photoshoots to develop an artists' brand and shoot music videos for them.  I am beyond proud to be a part of their project and always reflect on how powerful our brand has become.

Shot by our very own Claudefucious, check out our full video below: 

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